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We are located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago, on the far Northwest side.  We are available to make service calls locally to repair and/or install Taiji & Company saké warmers and towel appliances.  Our prices on Taiji saké warmers and Cabi are usually lower than your local distributor, call us for a quote.  We also repair other brands of small appliances commonly found in the restaurant industry.  For locations outside of Chicago we would be happy to help you analyze your problems and help you decide upon the best solution to getting your equipment in proper working order.  Don’t hesitate to email or call us.  Please include the model # of your equipment and any questions or problems you are having.  We will respond within 12 hours, often much sooner than that.

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(Note:   If you have tried to contact us in the last few weeks using the previous contact form and we have not responded, WE APOLOGIZE! Due to some website issues, the correspondence did not get forwarded to us.  Please email us directly at MakiRepairs@gmail.com and we will get back to you promptly.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.)